Integrated Therapy for Men is a London based practice dedicated to offering a broad range of psychotherapy services for individuals and couples.

It specialises in men’s issues where anxiety, stress and depression are present and the goal is to create an affirming and engaging therapeutic experience. By collaborating with men to overcome common problems: strained relationships, work satisfaction, addictions, fatherhood & other life challenges we seek to gain an insight from past-present experiences and emotions to empower and encourage meaningful and enduring change.

“no more stigmas, boys do cry and they are also allowed to bend …”


“Just a quick message to thank you for dealing with my delicate problem with so much professionalism and thanks even more for the insight to the reasons and subsequent eradication of my issue. I am so relieved, I will be recommending you whenever possible. Thank you very, very much Christian”
Raj K – London
“When you have lived with systematic emotional abuse for 28 years your self esteem is non existent. When you look in the mirror you do not recognise the person staring back at you and what you see is not a good look. I had lost complete control of every aspect of my life and was, I’m sorry to say, near breaking point. Seeing Christian on a regular basis over the past 2 years has changed that completely. I have regained my self respect, my self esteem, my self worth and become the person I never believed I could be. I am the person I always wanted to be. Thank you Christian for giving me the tools to do all this.”
Nic C – Worthing
“Wow Christian, you’ve turned me into a winning machine, won both matches, thank you so much, it feels great ! Will spread the word …”
Alex R – Seaford
“After many years of suffering from anxiety and self doubt, I turned to him, I never thought I would win the lottery, but I did by contacting you. His care and insights allowed me to let go of my anxieties, allowed my self worth and esteem to restore my relationship and the belief has led me to achieving job roles and promotions I was always scared to apply for.”
Darren G - London
“I was struggling in my high powered City job, the everyday worries and anxieties nearly led me to quit before I sought help. Christian was recommended to me and although sceptical at first, I noticed an immediate impact as the worries and anxieties lifted and my motivation and confidence returned. You eradicated all the triggers one by one, even the nail biting !! Thank you so much, I recommend him to all my colleagues and friends without fail.”
Harry D - London