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The Mission is to Provide Quality Mental Health Therapy for Men

Integrated Therapy for Men uses the latest scientific and cognitive techniques to provide Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy to help clients gain valuable insights on their lives.

Christian Morton

B(Sc) Psychology LAPHP ANPRC, BPS, DHP

Christian is a fully qualified Psychotherapist providing individual, couple and family therapy. Christian has experience of working with a wide range of clients of all ages (age 6 upwards) coming from both the corporate field and private individuals. Christian receives recommendations from local health providers and other therapists who believe his approach more beneficial to their clients. Christian also appears on TV as an expert on mental health giving advice and reassurance.

Christian believes in creating a safe, protective space to allow clients to learn more about themselves through insight about themselves and understanding the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.
This person-centred therapeutic approach aims to treat a variety of issues and concerns including Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Work-Related issues such as Burn Out and Bullying, Intimacy, Relationship Distress, Trauma and Sexual-Related concerns (ED).
Christian has built up a strong background of working with LGBTQ + clients.

Integrated Therapy for Men

Integrated Therapy for Men provide a strong interpersonal relationship between the client and therapist to create a trusting and meaningful connection where these issues can be addressed. By providing a safe, compassionate and private space, You can talk about whatever is on your mind. What is currently going on in your life, your relationships past and present, your dreams, memories, childhood… anything at all.

We offer a tailor-made client-focussed therapy that provides insight into the reasons why issues exist. Together, we can think about how events in your past might be influencing your life today. By becoming conscious of these links between past and present, the conditions exist where an individual can enjoy a positive and optimistic vision for the future.

Every client has a different and unique set of circumstances, from childhood and family history to life experiences and our aim is to make sense of these questions and help the client make better choices in life, work and relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I see a therapist?2022-06-21T09:54:38+00:00

You should come to see a therapist when you are struggling and concerned that issues are impacting on your work, family, relationships or personal life. These issues can leave you feeling sad, isolated, tearful, panicky and fearful.

Clients also seek therapy to gain deeper understanding and insights about themselves to help make effective choices and enhance confidence.

How does Psychotherapy work?2022-06-21T09:54:38+00:00

Psychotherapy provides clients with a safe and confidential space to better understand themselves and learn new tools to recognise the effect their thoughts (shaped by environment, experiences and genetics) have on behaviour and mood.

What should I expect in my sessions?2022-06-21T09:54:38+00:00

Therapy primarily provides a safe place to talk about the underlying reasons why certain issues exist. Goals can then be set up together to treat and gain the most from their therapy. Sessions are a safe and private space to talk through sensitive personal issues that prevail so that each concern is completely satisfied and dealt with.

How long does therapy last?2022-06-21T09:54:38+00:00

Every person has an individual story and a unique set of circumstances and experiences that have led them to who and where they are today. Sessions usually take place on a weekly basis and the amount of time varies for each individual as each concern is systematically treated and eradicated.

How do I start therapy?2022-06-21T09:54:38+00:00

To get started, please contact us and schedule an initial consultation to learn more about how we can help you best.

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