Executive Coaching. Organisational Transformation. Leadership and Talent Development

Integrated Therapy for Men applies psychologically informed techniques to achieve specific outcomes for each need.

We work with organisations and executives, guiding clients based on research and best practices through every aspect of their business needs.

Executive Coaching

For Executives and Teams

Integrated Therapy for Men’s executive coaching benefits an organisation’s top decision-makers to move from thinking into doing in ways that help them see better results. We work with executives and teams to provide coaching and workshops for specific challenges. Our method is to offer professional support with outside perspectives to help those in the development and implementation of goals.

Sports Performance and
Mental Preparation

Mindset Coaching

Our Integrated Sports consultancy helps improve athletes and coaches of all abilities to fulfil their potential by combating performance issues or simply enhancing performance.

Sports psychology can prepare competitors who play golf, tennis, football and cricket (to name a few) to extract the maximum potential from their talent by working on performance anxiety, confidence, emotional control, mental routines, attention and focus.

Leadership & Talent Development

Managing Talent for Growth

Integrated Therapy works closely with organizations to ensure individuals and teams are in the right mindset for growth and success. Whether we’re helping to reshape the way executives approach important business matters to enhance leadership, or we are working with teams to promote effective change, we tailor our coaching and consulting for each situation.

Organisational Transformation

Shifting Mindsets

Organisations can sometimes become stagnant. Companies also face difficulties associated with transitions, including management changes, mergers, the adoption of new technologies, regulatory changes, the loss of employees, as well as fluctuations in demand for their products or service.

These challenges can become detrimental to the health and productivity of the company. We provide services to help companies plan decisive action quickly and effectively. We want you to maximize success for the organisation as a whole as well as for the individuals that keep the company thriving.

“Success doesn’t make people immune to depression, marital problems, parenting issues or stress, they also suffer from imposter syndrome, guilt at success, loneliness and fear of losing their wealth and drive. So even when you are wildly successful, a skilled psychotherapist can help exploit even greater potential”

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