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You might of have thought about starting therapy in the past, but you weren’t sure whether it was right for you, maybe now is the time to reconsider. Perhaps, if you’ve gone to therapy in the past and now you’re feeling anxious, depressed, uncertainty in your relationship or just not like yourself, it could be time right time to restart.

Why Is Now The Perfect Time

It’s been estimated that the impact of COVID-19 on the nation has caused a dramatic increase in mental health issues. That’s understandable. We are dealing with so many uncertainties that can cause extra stress and anxiety.

But you don’t have to let those issues completely take over your life.

Let’s take a deeper look into why now is the right time to start (or restart) therapy.

Your Stress Levels Are Higher

Everyone deals with stress on a regular basis. It’s unavoidable. Some stress can even be a good thing if you handle it the right way and make productive choices. But too much stress can wreak havoc on both your mind and body, leading to conditions like anxiety or depression.

Stress levels are heightened for almost everyone because of the uncertainties around the World and the issues regarding its future and longevity. Whether you lost your job, have problems with your relationship, you’ve had to work from home for the first time, or you’re nervous about sending your kids to school in the autumn, there are plenty of reasons to feel higher levels of stress right now.

Thankfully, you don’t need to manage that stress on your own. Talking to a therapist can help you to work through those feelings before they become overwhelming.

You Are Dealing With Grief

Almost everyone has experienced some type of loss due to this pandemic. Maybe you know someone who has passed from COVID-19. Or as previously mentioned, perhaps you lost your job. Maybe your loss took the form of not being able to see friends or family members for a long time. Or perhaps you had to miss out on major life events, like attending a wedding or University graduation.

Grief can come from any type of loss, not just death. Dealing with it on your own is far from easy, especially when the loss(es) weren’t expected.

Talking to a professional can help you to work through those stages of grief and come to terms with the loss you’ve experienced. When you do that, you will finally be able to move forward.

You Need Something Consistent

In this changing world where the cost of living never relents, Covid still persists and now the constant threat of war spilling into the West, there are still so many uncertainties. If you’re a parent, you may not know what you should decide for your children when it comes to school. You might be worried about whether you’ll be able to keep your job. Or your finances might be up in the air as you watch interest rates and inflation spiral.

It’s so easy to feel lost and broken in the chaos and confusion of it all. Therapy is a great way to have a “constant” in your life. It can serve as a steady hand in the storm and a way to talk about all of those uncertainties so you feel like you’re on solid ground. Simply knowing that you can talk to someone and get to the bottom of those stressors each week can make a big difference in how you feel. That’s especially true when everything else around you seems so up in the air.

Now, more than ever, therapy is something you should consider if you’re struggling with yourself and your feelings. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you, feel free to contact Integrated Therapy for Men for more information.

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